The Border District is a proto-frelanced H0 scale layout that models a fourth interchange point between the South Australian Railways (SAR) and Victorian Railways (VR) in 1976 (or there abouts). The imagineered line links Naracoorte in South Australia with Balmoral in Victoria and provides for a faster route between Adelaide and Melbourne (than the main southern/western line), along with serving the agricultural area around Edenhope. The layout, in its current form, has been under construction for the last two years.


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  1. Hi there, I’m a keen SAR N scale modeller and very pleased to find your website and the background information. There has been some great work done here to recreate and capture the SAR period. Can you tell me more about the OW wagon? I am in the process of replicating these wagon in N scale and would appreciated any details. Eg: number range, paint colour used ect… Thank you.

  2. Terry,
    Sincere thanks for your kind words. A quick history of the OW, from my notes (happy to have them added to) … the OW was a steel framed, wooden sided bogie open wagon, first introduced in the mid 1940s. Total in the class was eventually around 100 – there were two different types of underframes. The OW wagons were originally numbered 5800-5850 and painted in SAR’s standard wagon colour of dark grey. They were later painted in SAR’s mid grey standard for wagons (fro the mid 1960s onwards) – some were re-coded OWS and OWP, with associated change to bogies. Numbering also reverted to 1-103 (with a few gaps). In the 1970s, they were popular for container haulage. In the 1979 Australia-wide 4 letter re-coding, they became AOWY, and still numbered 95 in the class in 1981. Hope the info helps!

  3. G’day,
    I am impressed with the work you have done so far on the Border District. Your track work looks excellent and the trains seem to run pretty well flawlessly. It puts my effort to shame. I have seen some of Don Bishop’s work at the SAR convention and it is inspirational. I have just started a blog https://kaefken.wordpress.com/ and my layout probably connects to the west (SA) of yours all be it eight years later. So I am interested in following your blog.
    Regards Ken.

  4. Ken,
    Thanks for your comment and kind words! However, I certainly don’t feel your efforts are put to shame … your Kanunda and Emu Flat YouTube clips have been a source of inspiration for me, and I’ll certainly be following your blog as well. I agree with your remarks regarding Don Bishop – he is , in my opinion, one of those rare “maestros” in our hobby!

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