May 2017 operating session (Part 2 – Nankiva images)

NAN 89 and 241

After focussing on images captured around Border Junction in the first blog post from the May 2017 session, we now head “over the border” to Victoria and the small but important rail served town of Nankiva.

In the image above, Jeff has brought his first ever working on the Border District – Victorian Railways Train Number 89 Goods – to a stand in the loop at Nankiva. Not too long after having had the B class bring this train to a halt, double S class diesels can be seen barreling through on the mainline at the head of the Overland (VR Train Number 241), Adelaide bound. Once the crack overnight express has passed, Jeff can go about shunting here (drop off one, pick up one) before also continuing westwards …

NAN 12

Seen above a little later in the session, the two S class diesels have been captured on film again, but this time working VR Train Number 12 BONA (light engines and van) back eastwards. It is 1976 and the VR are very, very frugal with their motive power – long layovers at far flung locations were not on! This working replicates the prototype, where the locomotives from the westbound Overland would often work as light engines back to Dimboola to haul the next morning’s eastbound passenger service to Melbourne. The Ss in the images below have a “green over red” clear normal speed indication on the departure signal as they leave Nankiva, heading towards Edenhope.

NAN 339

Above, on the eastern outskirts of Nankiva, newish VR power in the form of X45 can be seen bringing VR Train Number 339 Jet Goods upgrade and under the signal gantry (the work of Nick Lapthorne – thanks Nick!) with a decent load in tow. Usually, VR TN 339 would cross the previously depicted VR TN 12 light engines and van working here … but the often experienced delays on the western line see the Jet well behind its “normal” operating time on this day! After passing through Nankiva and Border Junction, the Jet will swap the VR loco for a South Australian one at Tatiara Downs, before continuing west to Kybybolite … and eventually Adelaide.


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