March 2017 operating session … part 2

Rush hour at BJN

Many of the passengers on SAR TN 281 passenger have travelled the better part of the day from Adelaide on the Bluebird railcar working. Arriving at Naracoorte, they have then made their way to a small loco hauled consist, heeding the cry of  “all change here for the Border District”. Their new train serves the rural south east centres of Kybybolite, Tatiara Downs, Border Junction and Jameston … and can be seen in the image above at its penultimate stop. The crew have done well here, with both first and economy travelling passengers able to exit to the small carriage level station, before the train continues down the branch …

Thanks to Mark – long time friend and influencer of the Border District – for all the images in this post. Below, and also captured at Border Junction, SAR “Big Mikado” 730 has just received the green to head down the branch with SAR TN 147 goods from Tatiara Downs to Jameston. The DWf van immediately behind the engine is used for “take outs” and has required a little work from both the Guard and Station Master to unload supplies and parcels at Border Junction. The mainline to Melbourne continues eastwards to the right of the train.

Heading down to JAM

Jammed up JAM

Above, 730 can be seen a little later breaking up SAR TN 147 goods and making up SAR TN 148 goods (the return working to Tatiara Downs) at the branchline terminus of Jameston. This task can be challenging at times, but has been made even more so by the earlier than usual arrival of SAR TN 583A/584 loaded Stonie, with some of its consist of HS stone hoppers visible in the background. The Stonie will reverse the loco and van here, having come down the branch after loading at Southern Aggregates, before heading west to Osborne (Port Adelaide) and the ICI plant there. However, with only a small yard, the Stonie might just have to wait until 730 has finished her work!

Our final image below is the third in this post taken at Border Junction, and sees 730 now well clear of the “mess” at Jameston, having worked SAR TN 148 goods up the hill from Jameston, on the way to Tatiara Downs. As the compressor methodically thumps away, “take outs” are again being attended to at the station. The crew patiently await the green to head back onto the mainline and around to their final destination. Most of the loading from this train will eventually head further west on SAR TN 312 roadside goods.

730 at BJN


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