Nearly ready for the March operating session …


“There was movement at the station …” well, not quite … or not yet at least! However, there was soon to be movement at a few stations on the Border District, with the March 2017 operating session not too far away.

Above, all is pretty quiet for early in the afternoon at Jameston in south eastern South Australia. The hot Summer has continued deep into March, and local visiting the station has sought some shade for his car …

Below, things are also quiet at Nankiva in the far western region of Victoria. At the eastern end of the railway yard here, vans are being loaded with local produce from the Edenhope Valley and surrounding area, soon to head to the markets in both Adelaide and Melbourne.

NAN east

NAN west

The western end of the yard at Nankiva is equally as quiet as the east, as can be seen above. An empty oil tank awaits collection from the afternoon goods service. The local freight agent will soon be busy at the goods shed in the distance, ahead of receiving and dispatching consignments.

But the award for “quiet” on the Border District must to go to the whistle stop of Border Junction – located along the mainline between Melbourne and Adelaide, and also serving as the junction for the branch line to Jameston.

The peace and quiet in the image below will soon be broken, with many trains from both South Australian Railways and Victorian Railways making their way past Border Junction – most travelling through at speed, but a few stopping and serving this rural outpost …




2 thoughts on “Nearly ready for the March operating session …

  1. Thanks for the kind words Ken! The goods shed is the work of the late great Barry Le Maistre, while all other structures at Jameston are there with very big thanks to the great Don Bishop.

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