… and a few more shots.

Operating sessions on the Border District have seen some of the crew combine their focus on operations with a touch of “gunzelling” at times. It is always great to get images after each session, so here are just a few more … with thanks again to Mark.


Above is an overall shot of the South Australian branch station of Jameston, as viewed from the terminus end. This location takes inspiration from both Kingston and Millicent. The wooden, ground level station and barrel roof goods shed – very “SAR” – are both prominent, as is the dual gauge trackage in the yard. To the right is the long siding that serves multiple industries. In the distance is the Apcel Paper Mill, hosting a colourful array of vans from the SAR, VR, NSWGR and WAGR to be loaded with paper before heading west, east or north. The line to Border Junction can be seen next to the mill, curving to the left as it winds past the “Beachport Sand Company” loading and transhipping facilities.

Below is another image of the industrial area to the west of Tatiara Downs. The Head Shunter has done a ripper job this session – with the recently arrive VR “L” sheep wagons being placed behind the SAR cattle vans. The two tracks behind the livestock facility serve the farmers’ co-operative here, with one track to have an unloading bank (for vans) and shed, and the other to have an overhead crane (to assist with open/flat wagon loading and unloading). The OBf and OB wagons closer to the foreground are sitting on a fertiliser unloading siding, whereas the ones in the background are at the Tatiara District Milling Company’s facility (located on the other side of the main line).

Tatiara Downs


The next two images capture the scene in the staging area of the layout.  Here, a “through” design has been employed, with the Victorian (or eastern) end known as Edenhope, and the South Australian (or western) end known as Kybybolite. Above, a ridiculously clean Alco 858 is at the head of a very short grain train – which is equally ridiculously clean! In the foreground are the loaded HS hoppers from the recently arrived “Stonie”, while the double 930s just behind the grain train will soon work the “Overland”.

Below, things are a little less “SAR” and a whole lot more “VR” … front and centre is the Walkers 280HP railmotor that provides service for a number of passenger operations in the area. The sidings to the right are occupied by a number of short VR goods trains – typical of what runs over the “District”.  As well as eight “through” roads, there are also ten “stub ended” tracks in staging … however these all seem to continue to prove that too much staging is never enough!



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