More images from the May 2016 operating session

Y at NAN 3

With thanks to operators and photographers Mark and Shelton, here are a few more “snaps” from the most recent operating session on the Border District, held last weekend …

Above, Victorian Railways’ Y169 can be seen undertaking shunting at the far western Victorian location of Nankiva. The diminutive loco is picking up a South Australian Railways’ D louvre van, loaded with vegetables grown in the local area and headed for the Central Markets in Adelaide. Y169 will add the van to VR TN 29 Roadside Goods, before continuing on to the SAR and VR interchange station of Tatiara Downs. There, the D van will be added to the consist of SAR TN 312 for Tailem Bend, and then Adelaide …

The image below captures the same scene from a very different viewpoint … the end of the platform at Nankiva. Our intrepid photographer must have crossed the four track yard at Nankiva very quickly! Out of shot in both pictures is the remainder of VR TN 29 … a motley collection of VR and SAR four wheelers, trailed by a wooden guard’s van. Both images courtesy of Shelton.

Y at NAN 2

Border Junction signals

Signals and signalling are a significant feature of the Border District, and the above image shows the emerging “forest” of searchlights that help to guide movements over SAR and VR metals. The departure signals at Border Junction are set for “clear normal speed” (green over red) on the main, with the branch having a “caution” (red over red) to protect the crossing and siding ahead. The new “outer home” signal for Taiara Downs can be seen in the distance, displaying a “clear medium speed” (red over green) indication. This tells the driver that the arrival signal at Tatiara Downs (around the curve and out of easy viewing) will be set for the yard.

Below, two bogie louvre vans with loading for Adelaide can be seen at rest in the goods shed at Jameston. These will make their way east shortly as part of SAR TN 166 – the up “South East Overnight” passenger service, which operates there days a week and also conveys some goods loading. The use of “DS” and “SLP” vans means that the train can still operate at passenger train speeds. While on the Border District this train operates from Jameston through Tatiara Downs and on to Adelaide, it recreates a similar train that once ran from Mount Gambier through Naracoorte and onto Adelaide. Both images courtesy of Mark.

Jameston shed


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