More images from the April 2016 operating session

With thanks to long time Border District friend and photographer Mark (likely to be put on the payroll, such is the quality of his work), enjoy the following pictorial coverage of the most recent operating session, with some interesting shots and perspectives …

900s at KYB

Above, two members of the SAR 900 class English Electric diesels can be found in the staging area at Kybybolite. In the foreground, 909 is at the head of SAR TN 581 Empty Stonie. In the next road, 907 can be seen getting SAR TN 161 Goods underway … bound for Tatiara Downs. To the right, several Victorian Railways trains can also be seen in the staging area.

Meanwhile at Nankiva in far western Victoria (below), twin Victorian Railways S class diesels wait patiently in the loop at the head of Melbourne bound Jet Goods VR TN 846. The reason for being “in the hole” … the opposing movement is VR TN 241 “Overland”, which has greater priority. The photographer appears to have climbed high in the trees to gain this vantage point …

Road 2 at NAN

TN905 shunts JAM

In the image above, SAR Alco 946 can be seen shunting express louvre vans (DS and SLP) at Jameston from the recently arrived SAR TN 905 South East overnight passenger service. This service, three days per week in each direction between Adelaide and Jameston, seeks to replicate the actual Adelaide to Mt Gambier trains (TNs 905 and 166).

Below, 946 has completed shunting off goods loading at Jameston and sits at the head of the modest passenger consist – a CGP van, 750 class steel car and a centenary brake. This short train’s next working will be SAR TN 542 passenger service, connecting with the Adelaide bound “Blue Lake Express” Bluebird railcars.

TN542 at JAM

SAR pass at BJN

Staying with SAR TN 542 (above), we see the consist undertaking a short stop for passengers and goods at Border Junction’s modest facilities. Before too long and with the grace of Train Control, the searchlight signal ahead will give the driver a “red over green” clear medium speed aspect and the ability to continue on to the next station of Tatiara Downs.

Below, the locomotive area at Tatiara Downs can be seen, with a clear dominance of Victorian Railways “blue and gold” present. The “big power” C class loco (centre, with headlight already blazing) will be first loco out, at the head of VR TN 954 Jet Goods. The streamlined S class will be follow, providing the power for VR TN 54 eastbound Passenger service, while the diminutive Y class (169) will take charge of VR TN 90 Roadside Goods.

VR power at TAT

SAT TN 514 at TAT

Still at Tatiara Downs (above) but later in the session, SAR 907 sits at the head of westbound SAR TN 514 goods. The Head Shunter has done a great job clearing out the yard, and 907 will soon get her train underway. In the background, VR TN 262 is partially visible as it departs “the Downs” for points east …

Our photographer has chased VR TN 262, which can be seen again in the image below, now at Nankiva under the control of VR third series X class leader, X45. In the foreground is the SEC unloading facility, with timber power poles already being stockpiled and another load just arrived on a VR SFX bulkhead flat wagon.

TN262 at NAN


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