Four of the best … Mark

As promised and threatened, here are some more images captured at last weekend’s November 2015 operating session on the Border District. Thanks to Border District stalwart Mark for sharing these …

Tat shunting

In the image above, it is late afternoon as B67 arrives at Tatiara Downs with VR TN 313 Goods. This train includes loading for Tatiara Downs, but also conveys traffic to worked into South Australia on SAR TN 312 Roadside Goods to Tailem Bend. The Y class waits patiently to assist in breaking up VR TN 313 and making up SAR TN 312. The B class will return east later in  the session at the head of VR TN 880 Goods. This image illustrates the impact weathering has … compare the Y to just about every other piece of rolling stock in this image!

Nan shunting

Heading east from the first image, a VR T class is captured above positioning grain wagons for loading at Nankiva. The loco has worked into the far western Victorian hamlet of Nankiva at the head of VR TN 7 Goods, and will return on VR TN 102 Goods. It appears to have been a successful shunt, as the consist for VR TN 102 can be seen in the background – including a number of louvre vans loaded with vegetables from the Edenhope Valley Growers’ Co-operative, trailed by a 4 wheeled Z van.

Nan cross

Captured little later again at Nankiva, things have continued to be busy – as is often the case in the early evening on the Border District! The most powerful diesel owned by the VR at the time, a C class, waits patiently at the head of VR TN 383 Jet for Adelaide, allowing a late running VR TN 63 Passenger (lead by a B class) to Tatiara Downs to access the platform and overtake. It won’t be too long until VR TN 383 catches up to VR TN 63 again at Tatiara Downs …

Bjn stonie

Heading west a little from Nankiva, Mark has captured SAR TN 584 Loaded “Stonie”, working hard upgrade behind SAR Alco 965, arriving at Border Junction. The mainline to Victoria can be seen in the foreground. This train commenced not far away from this location – at the Southern Aggregates loading siding – but once fully loaded heads down to Jameston (as SAR TN 583A) to correctly position the Goods Brake (guard’s van) at the trailing end. The reason … there are no run around facilities at either Border Junction or Southern Aggregates.

Thanks again to Mark for sharing some photographic viewpoints from the session. For the next post … four of the best from Iain.


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