Some more images from the November 2015 operating session …

With thanks to Mark and Iain, there was a good degree of railfan photography action, as well as operation, at the most recent session on the Border District. Both Mark and Iain have captured and forwarded some cracker shots … which I’ll share over a few blog posts (thanks guys). Below are just a couple of pics to get things started …

Bjn Overland

The first image, above, was taken by Mark towards the end of the session and captures the “Overland” as it travels east from Tatiara Downs to Melbourne. The train, hauled by back to back VR S class diesels, is approaching Border Junction. In the background, the impressive “Southern Aggregates” complex can be seen, which processes and loads stone for the Border District’s own “Stonie”. The foreground represents the staging area of Edenhope (Victoria) – this train’s destination, and Kybybolite (South Australia) – from where this train originated, headed by SAR locos. I really like this shot … it shows just how good things will look once someone gets serious about scenery completion!

Jam 147 arrives

The second image, again above, was taken by Iain a little earlier in the session at the South Australian branch station/terminus of Jameston – which is also a dual gauge interchange for the narrow gauge line to Beachport. SAR English Electric 907 is at the head of SAR TN 147 goods from Tatiara Downs. In the background the “not yet built” Apcel Paper Mill can be seen (just a collection of boxes, card and timber at present!) – a significant source of traffic and a reason for the continued survival of the branch. I also really like this shot … Iain has captured an angle not often seen or viewed.


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