Progress at Jameston …

JAM west

So far, the Christmas/New Year period has provided the time to bring a few “little” projects to completion on the Border District. One of the “big ticket” items that needed some time and planning was the SAR 15 ton wooden coal stage, another awesome piece of modelling by the prolific Don Bishop that I’ve ben fortunate enough to acquire. Originally constructed for a presentation at the “Modelling the Railways of South Australia” Convention, Don spruced the coal stage up for Jameston, as seen above and in two images below …

JAM loco


JAM coal stage

While the coal stage construction was all Don, there was the need to make a few modifications to the baseboards at Jameston to accept the model. A large drill bit (in a less than reliable drill), a file and a coping saw, along with a good amount of “umm” and “arr” and a few hours toil, resulted in the unit at last being placed to serve both broad and narrow gauge steamers on the Border District. Now I just need a narrow gauge steamer …

JAM station

Don has also recently completed two other structures for me to help round out the scene at Jameston … a gangers’ shed (able to be seen in the first image on this post) and a classic SAR ground level weatherboard station, as seen in the image above. This station has replaced the lasercut ply offering previously at this location and is a much, MUCH improved rendition of the prototype. Again, thanks Don!

JAM east


As can be seen Jameston is, slowly, looking a little more complete. The narrow gauge is far more resolved and will be used to haul “Beachport sand” for transfer to Victorian Railways JSF sand hoppers for forwarding to Pilkington Glass in Victoria. I’m still in two minds as to whether this will be an “SAR Eyre Peninsula” style operation/prototype (with narrow gauge 830s, etc.), or something more freelanced – like a narrow gauge version of the Coffin Bay railway, also from the Eyre Peninsula. The transfer point for the sand will be based on the gypsum loader at Tantanoola in SA. I’ve also had a “play” with a couple of NAR “NH” hoppers from Marbelup Models to further explore the possibilities. Below, the sand transfer siding/facility can be seen on the opposite side of the yard to the Apcel Paper Mill at Jameston.

JAM sand


The embankment for the narrow gauge track at the transfer point is the next project – a friend offering some Woodlands Scenics “risers” to try – thanks Andrew! The holidays have seen some time pursuing other modelling jobs and interests, including tinkering with locos, decoders, decalling and weathering … as well as a visit away from the Border District to Craig Mackie’s “Cassino” empire last weekend for a very enjoyable operating session … he was even crazy enough to let me have a try at North Coast Train Control!


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