… and few less busy moments at Nankiva.

Continuing on from the previous post, we turn our attention eastwards to the Victorian Railways side of the Border District. B67 is still at the head of VR Train Number 808 – the three times a week Adelaide to Melbourne “Daylight” passenger express. Having taken over from South Australian Railways power at Tatiara Downs, B67 can be seen below accelerating the train through Border Junction. This location sees the SAR “divert’ off the main and down the branch to Jameston, with the “mainline” continuing over the border and into Victoria. All the facilities at Border Junction are located on the branch.

B67 passes Border Junction

The first station over the border is Nankiva – another fictional location, with the intent being a composite of two actual locations – Nhill and Kaniva. Below, S315 can be seen bringing a string of empty hoppers into the loop road at Nankiva. The hoppers are part of VR Train Number P2 and are destined for the loading at Frances in South Australia. Once loaded, the train will head east to the export grain location of Portland (one of many “off layout” destinations on the Border District). This train mimics actual empty and loaded grain services that worked between Portland and Frances, but through Mount Gambier in real life.

S315 arrives Nankiva

With S315 and VR #P2 safely locked away in the loop, B67 at the head of VR #808 is able to receive a “green over red” (clear normal speed) signal aspect and power non-stop through Nankiva. Nankiva isn’t served by the crack passenger trains, the “Daylight” or the “Overland”, but there are two Victorian Railways passenger trains each way every day that do stop at this location.

Cross Nankiva

Below, B67 can be seen continuing at speed through Nankiva, passing under the signal gantry and heading eastwards for Melbourne. The South Australian Railways 8300 van that trails VR #P2 empty grain can also be seen in this image. The reason for the SAR van is simple – once VR #P2 arrives at Tatiara Downs, a South Australian engine will take over for the run to Frances. Having a “through running” van means that this change can happen a little quicker than if the guard’s van needed to be exchanged.

B67 departs Nankiva

Still following the passenger train, the tail end of VR #808 can be seen as the train heads eastwards towards Edenhope – the VR staging location on the Border District. Edenhope and Kybybolite (the SAR staging location) are actual places in Victoria and South Australia respectively and help “locate” the Border District as proto-freelanced. The image below also gives a little away in terms of the layout’s structure (two “loops” around the room), with the grain siding at Tatiara Downs visible in the background – but supposedly many miles away …

Parlor Car


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