Dwarf signal

One aspect not touched on from the latest operating session in the previous post was the use of a “dwarf” signal to protect access from/to the headshunt and grain siding at Tatiara Downs. For a while, a “prototype” dwarf signal has been located and used at Nankiva for a while now, protecting access to and from the headshunt there. In total, there will be four dwarf signals needed on the Border District to complete signalling requirements.

However, prior to the latest operating session, a “first run” SAR dwarf signal – courtesy of Bill Dick (the man behind the immaculate “San Mateo” searchlight signals, used throughout the Border District) had arrived. As well as being able to display red, yellow and green aspects, the dwarf also has that standard SAR pyramid shaped concrete base. Below, the dwarf can be seen protecting access to the yard, displaying a red (or “stop”) aspect …

Dwarf red

In the far left of the image above, the pilot of a VR Y class diesel shunter can be seen. The Y has headed down the siding to collect some loaded grain wagons, and now waits patiently for access back into the yard at Tatiara Downs. In the image below, clearance has been given for the Y and the dwarf signals aspect has been changed to yellow (“caution”) …

Dwarf yellow

The dwarf signal has added that final layer of signalling and operation to the layout … at the last session, it certainly proved both its interest and use! I just need to hit Bill up for another couple of dwarf signals to round out the signalling contract on the “District” …


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