Apcel Mill answers?

With thanks to those friends who gave input via comments and email, a possible revised Apcel Mill that allows for plenty of track but also some structure/s appears to be not too far away. Below is an image of the revisions, as viewed from outside Jameston station (well, if hovering above the station in a helicopter, perhaps …):

Revised Mill from track


As I detailed in my reply to Mark’s comment, the solution was staring me in the face all the time – simply shorten the back/furthest road and make the parallel “open wagon” road became a “van” road. These two roads could then disappear into a large shed, giving the hint of the structure/mill continuing well beyond what is modelled. Compare the image below to those from the previous post:

Revised Mill closeup


The soda ash unloading remains on the back road (which, with the revisions give greater logic for the two diverging points at the Mill’s entry). The question now … what to use the remainder of this road for? More van loading, another open wagon unloading site (given one was lost by the changes to accommodate a structure), or perhaps a new traffic source, such as flyash? The revised layout with the soda ash siding in the right foreground can be seen below:

Revised Mill Soda Ash


The revised Apcel Mill layout easily accommodates 10 bogie vans in the “mocked up” images – equal to 24 four wheelers, as was the case in the “proposed” Mill from the previous post. The only “loss” is of 1 bogie open wagon “spot” – but there is still plenty of space on the two furthest roads, as can be seen in the above image. Below, the ability to include structure that will say “Mill” is clearly evident:

Revised Mill shed

As the images above and below show, two of the four roads in the Mill “disappear” into the structure (heavily mocked up at present!) that suggest many, many more vans might be lurking inside! The “pruning” of the back road also provides for some interesting possibilities in terms of buildings, etc.:

Revised Mill vans


I’m fairly certain the points and tracks from both this revision and the original proposal will happen – keen observers will note that the trackage is the same.  I still welcome comments and input – those received so far have helped the Mill to get to where it is now! Much appreciated everyone – now it is time to buy some more track …


2 thoughts on “Apcel Mill answers?

  1. Anthony,
    RE:Apcel Mill
    IMHO, this section is looking too crowded. Do you really need all those sidings?


    • Shelton,
      As always, value your opinion.
      However, check the following posts shunting #185 in this area … once the trackwork was completed I reckon the “crowding” is reduced.
      I think the Mill area looks very representative of both the Apcel and Cellulose Mill sidings near Snuggery in south eastern South Australia.
      You can judge for yourself if all those sidings are really needed next weekend … I think they are!

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