Nankiva changes completed … ahead of schedule!

The beginning of the second week of the holidays marked the completion of all planned changes at Nankiva … well ahead of the “end of January” deadline I had set myself! With a  picture said to speak a thousand words, we will spend a little time trackside to observe the changes …

S arrives NANS315 arrives at Nankiva from the east with the down afternoon passenger service from Melbourne. In the foreground, the silo road/livestock road can be seen with a few wagons in the distance, with the “lead” for the goods shed the next road across before the loop road. The S and train are on the main.

S stopped NANS315 is undertaking a short station stop at Nankiva – being December there are more travellers than usual. T357 is at the head of a short goods and sits in the loop road. The new single slip (very shiny!) can be seen in the foreground. A string of yellow GY wagons sit in the silo road, awaiting loading. The rusty track in the foreground is the “Pivot” fertiliser siding.

S departs NANStation stop complete and signal aspect displaying “clear normal speed”, S315 accelerates her train out of Nankiva. This view provides another look at the new single slip that has allowed the addition of another “industry” at Nankiva … and made shunting here a little more enjoyable/challenging.

S passes Veg GrowersThe new single slip provides access to the “Edenhope Valley Vegetable Growers” siding – currently two U louvre vans await loading. Just in front of S315 is the prototype “dwarf” signal built by Bill Dick – protecting the headshunt from the loop road.

Loco with 5 roadsThe track changes at Nankiva “freed up” a left hand medium radius point … that found a new home at the loco depot in the open staging area. This has allowed an additional two locomotives to be stored without being removed from the layout. The newly relocated point is already weathered and can be seen above providing accommodations for B67 and T335.

Truth be told, there is still plenty for me to do at Nankiva – painting all rails and sleepers, ballasting and some basic infrastructure – platform edging, etc. However, I’m giving myself a pat on the back for “finishing” at least one item on the “to do” list these holidays. On to the narrow gauge at Jameston …


2 thoughts on “Nankiva changes completed … ahead of schedule!

  1. Shelton,
    Thanks for your positive thoughts! Good news indeed … one job down. Bad news, still plenty of jobs remaining on the holiday “to do” list … and with holidays half done!

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