The bigger picture …

Last post, I made mention of a “spider diagram” for the Border District – basically a tool to place the locations on my layout within the greater scheme of the South Australian Railways and Victorian Railways. Behold below draft number two of the aforementioned. My sincere thanks go to Mark, who decided to rework my first draft (which, to be honest, did look more like a spider!), ensuring that the locations on the layout (bold) were orientated as they appear on the layout. Note that Edenhope (VR) and Kybybolyte (SAR) are next to each other – this also helps to represent the “through” staging yard. Comments and critique are welcomed:

Border District Spider V2

The last week hasn’t seen any great physical progress on the layout – but a visit from two good friends has really helped with the “tweaks” I talked about at both Nankiva and Border Junction. Over an evening, the adding of a little curve or angle to a track, removing or shortening a track, swapping industries/destinations over has all had a significant impact – even though they may look and sound like little things in isolation. My thanks again to Keith and Mark for both their time and input – the Border District is the better for it! I’ll share the changes through some photographs in a future post as work to turn the ideas into reality is still underway …



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