A few quick snaps …

Not much to report in terms of progress on the Border District, and hard to believe that August is less than a week away. I came across a couple of images that I somehow missed including in the most recent post.

The first image below is another angle of the recently completed scenery between the SAR yard (Naracoorte/Mt Gambier/Wolseley and points west) and Tatiara Downs. 702 can be seen heading down the hill on a westbound goods.

702 Hourigan's Hill

As well as completing all the labelling for the ABLO car card system, I also commenced labels for the signal panels throughout the layout. Below is one example, at the VR station of Nankiva. Each panel replicates the aspect on the signal shown for which the route is being set (e.g. departing the main will get a green over red, departing the loop will get a red over green). Out of focus and in the distance, the signal aspect can also be seen – depart main, which means the route is clear travel to Border Junction.

Nankiva Signal Panel

To the right on this panel are the switches and LEDs for the shunting signals – several friends have suggested that these would be better aligned with the signals on the panel and I think I am starting to agree. On some panels, turnout control is also incorporated – not at Nankiva though, where all points are still thrown by the dowel/piano wire method.


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