April 2013 update …

So, five weeks and no update. I’ll spare everyone the usual “I should update more often” spiel … there HAS been progress on the Border District since the last blog. There was also, as was usual on the VR, an increase in passenger traffic over Easter. Below, B75 can be seen waiting for the road at Nankiva with an extra “Black Thursday” working.

B75 Special Pass

Progress on the “District” has included:

The addition of the previously mentioned Apcel Paper Mill at Jameston (two sidings – a new point was needed) – a very, very big source of traffic and giving the branch a “reason for being”. Below, a TSRPS consist can be seen stabled in one of the two Mill sidings (it must be the weekend) … also on show is the first SAR upper quadrant signal on the layout – thanks again to Bill Dick.

SAR Upper Quadrant

Also at Jameston are the beginnings of the SAR weatherboard station – with a very big “thanks” to Marcus at the Little Building Company for his efforts with this project. The image below show the half built, laser-cut ply station from the operator’s aisle.Jameston Station 2

The beginnings of the Tatiara DIstrict Milling Company at Tatiara Downs – also providing for a range of VR and SAR inwards and outwards traffic. The view below shows the Mill complex (yes, some imagination required) as viewed from the east end of Tatiara Downs – with a VR “FJ” “flour pot” and SAR “HB” bogie grain wagon in residence.

Tatiara District Milling 2

A new Goods Shed is now located at Nankiva, courtesy of eBay. The previous 40 foot example was acquired from a friend and despite best efforts, was a little “bent”. This example appears to have been built from G&E/Blue and Gold Models parts and will save me plenty of time (note to self, start on the 120 foot SAR Goods Shed at Tatiara Downs this year!). The shed currently sits on a scrap piece of MDF …

Nankiva Good Shed 1

I’ve also spent (too much?) time reworking the timetable and finalising rollingstock requirements. The good news … the Border District needs more wagons, particularly of the SAR persuasion!


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